Clearwire Payments Page

The Clearwire Payments screen displays as follows:

Complete all payment information fields as necessary and click the Make Payment button to complete the Service Payment transaction:

1. Payment Amount
– amount the customer is paying (service payment).

2. Fee – fee that is required to pay all transactional parties.

3. Total to Collect - Payment Amount plus Fee (system-generated).

4. Payment Method – select this method from the available menu.

5. Amount Received – gross amount paid in cash or another method.

6. Change Due – the system generates this amount once after all other fields are completed.  If the Change Due field is greater than the Amount Received field, then the system generates a warning error message.

: For Clearwire service payments (payment amounts), the maximum amount is $700 (US) and the minimum amount is $1 (US). These parameters are reinforced by the Qpay system.


Note: If the Payments screen is displaying the incorrect customer, click on the Wrong Customer? link and then the Qpay system redisplays the Multiple Accounts screen (see Clearwire Main Page) where you may select another customer.

Click on the Make Payment button to complete the payment process.

: If you click the Make Payment button and there is already, in the system, another equal and uncancelled payment with the same field values (specifically, Payment Amount, Fee, Payment Method and Amount Received), then the system displays an error message. Click Close to return to the Payments screen and then enter non-duplicate information.

If you have configured the User Preferences section in the following way, then your browser will display a pop-up window asking you to enter a password so that the payment may be processed.  This is a security measure that ensures the request to make a payment comes from a valid Qpay registered user. Enter your user password and click the Continue button to continue, as displayed below:

Your browser then displays the Confirmation page.

Continue ahead with the Confirmation page of this online manual.