Access the Online Payment Center login screen at the following URL:


Your Internet browser displays the following screen:

Enter the User Name and Password in the appropriate fields and press the LOGIN button.

If the login screen also displays the Branch field, then enter that information as well.

Note: This screen contains four links, as follows:

* Change Password – click on this link to change your user password.

* Qpay Corporate Website – click this link to see Qpay’s official website.

* Terms of Use – click this link to read the Qpay website user agreement.

* Need Paper – click this link to see promotions on paper via Qpay.

Note: You can only have one open browser of Qpay’s Online Payment center. In case you open two browsers of Qpay’s Online Payment Center, the following message is displayed: “You can only have one open browser at once”.

Note: If you fail to enter your user name and/or password, the following message is displayed.

Click No to exit the first pop-up window, click Yes to update your password information, or OK to verify and re-enter.

After you log in successfully, the MetroGuard Main page displays.